Leasing versus buying. That is the eternal dilemma facing business owners. Is leasing vehicles the right decision? What about leasing equipment from your vehicle provider? Is it better to buy what you need to operate your business? There is no right answer, but there are smart choices to be made that can save you money. Leasing equipment and vehicles from a sole provider is one of those choices.
Understanding the advantages a great vehicle or equipment lease offers is key. Take the open-ended leasing option for example. An open-ended lease can be a great advantage to any company considering commercial equipment leasing or vehicle leasing.
If you always lease, you will always have a monthly payment. That’s the reality of commercial vehicle and equipment leasing. However, this can help you keep up to date with the newest vehicles and equipment, and newer assets – whether it is a fleet of trucks, forklifts or large machinery – is much cheaper to maintain.
A professional leasing company can instruct you on the many advantages of leasing vehicles and equipment that goes with them.