Bigger isn’t always better. Take your commercial fleet for example. You’ve got a lot of money and manpower tied up in that diminishing asset. Partnering with a commercial fleet management provider can help you better understand your fleet needs, reduce the size of your fleet and free up valuable working capital.

Transportation management can be an overwhelming job, especially when your fleet is too large. Introducing an effective fleet management system can help increase efficiencies and save money. A fleet management service provider can do a complete analysis of the vehicles currently in your fleet and cross-reference your actual vehicle needs; this will quickly determine if you’re over-stocked or, quite possibly, poorly stocked with vehicles that aren’t being maximized for use.

When looking for a way to smarter way to manage your fleet you want a company with years of experience to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. It’s time to let go; reduce your fleet and move forward. Learn more. Visit Jim Peplinski Leasing at